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2011 – 2015 – 2019

2011 – 2015 – 2019 what can I say? So where did I go wrong? I had the surgery (privately), lost the weight, thought I had it all figured out, removed the lap band and went straight back to square

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Protein fruit Flapjacks

I always loved Flapjacks but they can be quite unhealthy, so after some research i found a few healthy recipes online and I took these and made them my own: Ingredients Oats Whey Protein Flaxseed/Linseed Flaked Almonds Natural Peanut Butter

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Healthy Pizza – Viking Flatbreads

Inspired by the Baker Brothers on channel 4  I decided to give their Viking Flatbreads and it turned out alright. I had to adapt and re-write their recipe to match local ingredients and make it idiot proof and admittedly mine didn’t

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Breakfast, a rare thing for me; banana, weetabix and milk. I had dizzy spells again so had to stop my work out. Not feeling to great so hopefully this will help.

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Kinder Bueno Protein balls by

I have been given so many healthy recipes to try from my kind fitness friends but one I have been meaning to try in particular; White Kinder Bueno Protein Balls. My friend Jody-Lee made some yesterday for our road trip and

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Naughty sugar!

Yesterday was another learning curve for me, quite a scary one actually! I spent the day in Spain with Richard and Jody-Lee doing the usual shopping mall-rat thing which ended in us going to a Asian restaurant. At the end

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No to meat yes to fish!

So today we have a corporate event at work and had catering in. They had meats like chicken and chroizo etc and fish so i thought id try some.Good news, I was okay with a few pieces of Rosada (John-dory) and

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First Homemade Smoothie

Wasn’t able to eat my dinner tonight as i felt a bit down in the dump so instead i thought id have a liquid dinner and a bit of something sweet. I followed the recipe on the back of the

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Today lesson learnt and new goal achieved!

Today was interesting, I went for my usual 2-3hr Sunday cardio and weight session and after 5 minutes on the treadmill i had to get off. I then went onto weights but just didn’t have the energy but i pushed

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My Diet, The Lifestyle

My Diet I have been living with the band for a year and a half now but i still make mistakes and “vomit” on a regular basis. It is important to have the right food consistency and chewing is essential.

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