Today lesson learnt and new goal achieved!


Today was interesting, I went for my usual 2-3hr Sunday cardio and weight session and after 5 minutes on the treadmill i had to get off. I then went onto weights but just didn’t have the energy but i pushed on. Suddenly i felt very light headed so decided to take a break. I went for a chat with Jody-Lee on reception and she asked me what I had eaten today, I only had a a small bowl of cornflakes and it was already 3pm. If this had been my normal weekday routine I would have had a protein shake at 9am and another at 1pm. So my little buddy suggested I have sometimes sugary and luckily for me i had a protein shake in my bag.

5 Minutes later i was back on track and completed a 1.5 session of weights and 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill on max incline 15%, 6.5kms and +500 Calories burned, my new personal best!

So moral of the story, make sure you are prepared before you workout.



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