The Lapband and the operation


How the band works.
The band is placed above the stomach to create a tiny pouch in the esophagus, as you eat, food is stored in this new pouch but not digested. The esophagus consists of a muscular tube through which food passes from your cake-hole to the stomach to be digested.
The lap band acts as a restriction to that passage of food, making you feel full instantly but allowing some food to pass as not to starve.

Eventually the food travels to your stomach for digestion by using the muscles in the esophagus tube to slowly push the food down (think snake eating a mouse effect). In the area of the pouch has nerve ending with when activated tell the brain you are full. If you continue to eat or not chew well enough you will basically “overflow” and if any of you have been out with a meal with me will have noticed me running to the bathroom to be sick. The sick is not an acidic vomit though, you are basically regurgitating undigested food (disgusting I know!).


The band is adjusted to meet the correct food “flow” or green-zone. Too little and you will starve to death, too loose and and you won’t loose any weight. You have to have the band adjusted to whats knows as a green-zone, to do this they inject a solution into the access port under the skin to close up the band. Then you have to drink water whilst they slowly remove the solution and suddenly you feel the water go down your throat as if they just opened a tap..weirdest feeling ever lol!


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