Pre-workout boosts

Recently I have been feeling really run down and tired, mainly due to hay fever and a busy personal life, so i needed an extra little boost in the morning before my workout. After doing some research I decided I needed a pre-workout supplement. I tried Maximuscles’s Pump up +N02 capsules but because of the lap band i struggled to swallow the tablets, instead i cracked them open and poured the powered into water, this resulted in a thick black metal like tasting disgusting mix and to be honest didn’t really give me that much of a boost.


So after a chat with the guys at The Health Store Gibraltar i decided on the powdered Maximuscle Viper Boost 900g and I have to say I’m amazed at the results! I managed to steam through my 1000cal cardio session then completed my shoulder, back & core weights session. I added the orange (not my fav) flavoured powered to water bottle and drank it through the 35min cardio session.

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