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I treated myself to a Polar H7 Heart-rate monitor at the weekend and gave it a test run over the weekend. I soon realised that my usual 1000cal treadmill session wasn’t all that its cracked up to be, my heartrate wasn’t as high as it should be for optimum calorie burning and the 1000 calories as displayed on the treadmill screen is probably more near 400cal in reality.


After some serious discussion with @thecaptinsdaughter I have decided to give running a try again. Previously I was too over-weight and it really hurt my legs but this morning (monday) I set the machine to zero incline and ran for 2 mins at 9kph then 1min jogging at 7kph for a total of 20mins (the pic says 17mins but i forgot to hit start on the iPhone lol). This burnt 245 calories which Im comfortable with for the first day,

After a quick protein shake I was onto the weights for half an hour for a Total burn of 569 calories. As a result my t-shirt was dripping with sweat so i felt accomplished.



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