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My Diet

I have been living with the band for a year and a half now but i still make mistakes and “vomit” on a regular basis. It is important to have the right food consistency and chewing is essential. I have to chew eat tiny mouthfuls at least 20 times. For optimum weight loss tiny food portions of normal food is required, but as I am trying to loose weight whilst trying to gain high muscle mass.

I am eating slightly larger portions of the right food, whats the right food you ask? Well for me its very different from the average lap-bander, I eat clean with high levels of protein and fat burners. Normal lap-banders can still eat the foods they love as there is no change to the digestive system, but in tiny portions.

Foods I cannot eat:

  • Bread or any kind of dough based food
  • Cakes, any kind of spongy base is a no no as it turns to mush
  • Beef – Really miss having a steak!
  • Pork – incld bacon, sausage etc
  • Chicken – I can just about manage some soft chicken but i really have to chew it so best avoid it
  • Pasta – The only one i seem to have
  • Lettuce – Sticks to the side of the esophagus and takes days to shift!
  • White rice – I seem to be okay with brown long grain organic
  • Biscuits 🙁 Used to love biscuits!
  • Chips/french fries
  • Crisps/Potato chips
  • Fruits – I should be able to eat oranges, melon and apples but i really struggle.

My Life style

Up at 6am daily I’m in the gym for 6.30am, I start out with a warm up usually on the treadmill then i move onto weights for 1hr. On weekends i can do 2-3 hrs of weights.
On leg day i tend to do a lot more cardio and then leg extensions, leg curls and squats. In my opinion weights are better than cardio to burn fat. Cardio just gets your heart rate up and sweating, as soon as you step off the treadmill and cool down not much else happens. With weights the muscle becomes damaged and the body uses fat as a fuel to repair this muscle, so fat burning can continue for days!


Straight after the work out i will have a protein shake; 2 scoops of Maximuscle ProMax Diet with cold water. If you new to protein shakes start off with cold milk, then move onto a half milk/half water mixture, then eventually just water. Never use room temperature water as its disgusting! I also will have a banana for its potassium values, and it give me a nature sugar boost.

Another protein shake, 2 scoops of Maximuscle ProMax Diet with cold water

Mostly veg, I am seriously considering become vegetarian and the thought of chicken is starting to disgust me. My veggies are grilled or cooked in a wok with with natural coconut butter. I will have this with brown rice or thin egg noodles.
I have been known to skip dinner altogether which i shouldn’t, but i can always have a protein ball or a low fat yogurt if my energy levels are low.

*Home made protein balls or healthy from friend haha thanks x
*Trail, dried fruits and nuts
*fruit smoothie with protein powder.

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