Post workout stretching

Today I tried something new, stretching!



For a while now one of my closest friends Jody-Lea has been explaining the importance of stretching after exercise and to be honest I’ve always dodged the subject as I thought id look like a beached whale! Today however was different, she talked me into giving it a go in the privacy of a small studio during a quiet time at the gym and i really enjoyed it!

I felt a bit uneasy at first but she did the same routine as me and explained it as she went along. From time-to-time I suffer in silence from lower back pains after years of carry all that weight and i know this will definitely help with this pain.

Some stretches were a little tough as I’m still a big bloke but i feel its something I can work on.

In the end I left feeling really relaxed, as normally I would be tense after lifting quite heavy weights. It was a great way to cool down after all the adrenalin running through my body and now i’m even tempted to try yoga! Thanks lil buddy!

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