Too much cardio?


Up until now I’ve done cardio everyday before my weights session, this involved +30 mins of treadmill or crosstrainer depending on the pain in my shins.
Everyone tells you cardio is the best way to loose weight and without giving it a thought we stupidly go along with it, but recently cardio has left me feeling drained when its weight lifting time straight after and worn-out later in the day at work and to top it all I don’t seems to be increasing muscle mass so I decided to do some research…

I’ve read page after page the last few days and spoke to my PT friend and they all point to the same answer; Cardio is NOT the best way to loose weight but weight lifting is and here’s why:

Cardio activity will no doubt use fat to fuel energy output, this process usually only lasts as long as the session itself, weight training however, will work one’s body much more intensely than most forms of cardio will, thus stimulating a greater metabolic response, which will ultimately lead to increased fat loss above and beyond an aerobic workout and by building muscle we become walking furnaces, burning fat even while at rest as metabolic tissue requires energy 24hrs a day to recover.

Look around at the gym, you see the same old people day in, day out, on the crosstrainers, treadmills and bikes getting nowhere fast, all they do is come in and do cardio, shower and leave, we even have a name for them down my gym ‘Sapphire girls’ and I’m afraid i have become one of them without even realising!
Now look at your more advances gym users, the jocks and meatheads, always in the weights area and only doing cardio a few times a week, this is the reason for it!

So from now on and going to be less Sapphire and more Old School lol, (think Arnie!)
I’m cutting back my cardio sessions to 2-3 times a week only, I will rework by schedule over the next few days and update it as I go along and post it here.


I found a great article if your interested in learning more:

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