125kgs and new records!

Well its about time i did an update right?

So whats been going on since my last post? Well I’m now down to 125 kg’s !!  Also my workouts have totally changed (again), I give a brief breakdown below.

I now workout on a weekends also, beats sitting at home, Thursdays are usually my rest day but i still end up going in and doing cardio only.

Today i snapped the pic below and uploaded it to instagram and Facebook and  I was totally overwhelmed by the response; Facebook 74 likes + 48 comments – Instagram 64 likes and 34 comments!
Thanks for the love everyone!


(Pic take today 8th April 2014)


So my workouts; i not putting up the actually weight (kgs) as i don’t want to show off 😛

Monday & Friday – Chest & Bicep

3-5 Sets Bench-press olympic bar 5-20 (high reps/light weights) Arms low to floor
3-5 sets Dumbbell Chest Fly Incline Bench
3-4 sets Concentrated Bicep curls Incline Bench
3-5 sets Bench press dumbbell Incline Bench
3 sets Seated knee bicep curls
3-4 sets Standing EZ Bar bicep curls
3 Sets Seated EZ bar bicep curls
3 sets Seated dumbbell hammer curls
3-5 sets Cable chest fly crossover pin8
3-4 sets Cable biceps T-curls  pin6
3-4 sets Concentrated Bicep curls Incline Bench (Cool downs)

Tuesday & Saturday – Back & Triceps

3-5 sets Bent over dumbbell row (saw action, one leg back)
3-4 sets Standing Single Triceps extension (dumbbell overhead)
3-4 sets Seated Double Triceps dumbbell overhead
3-5 sets Assisted pull-ups Cable machine
3-4 sets Triceps cable machine pulls
3-5 sets Cable machine standing rear row Top, middle, bottom
3-5 sets Incline bench dumbbell rear fly
3-4 sets Bech ab crunches
3-4 sets Triceps dips bench 12x legs-in 10x legs-med 8x legs-out
3-4 sets Standing Single Triceps extension (dumbbell overhead)

Wednesday & Sunday – Legs & Shoulders
3-5 sets Smith machine chest press 2-6reps (low reps/heavy weights) Arms parallel with floor.
2-3 sets Smith machine seated shoulder press
3-4 sets Seated Dumbbell Shoulder press
3-4 sets Standing rounded plate shrugs
3-4 sets Standing Dumbbell Raise (front)
3-4 sets Standing Dumbbell Iron cross
2-3 sets Dumbbell Shrugs
3-5 sets Olympic bar Deadlifts
3-5 sets Olymipc bar squats
3-5 sets Seated machine Leg curl
3-5 sets Seated machineLeg extension
3-5 sets Seated machineLeg press




Thursday REST DAY – Usually do 1 hour of cardio though 




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