Great start to the week then doom…weight gain

So I had a nice start to the week and was feeling really fit and healthy, i had a great Monday morning chest and biceps session and went to work feeling fantastic.


Later that day i got home and still feeling the buzz went back to the gym for some cardio, a 5 kilometre run, I admit i did find it really hard but i just put it down to being a Monday, still feeling great though.





Then this morning (Tuesday) comes along and gives me the finger, woke up feeling really bloated but went to the gym anyways. I get there and my new headphones decide not to work so I’m forced to listen to the gyms shit tech0 playlist, I’m a RnB Hiphop kinda guy. Whilst working out i catch my reflection in the mirror a few times and i feel disgusted by what I see, suddenly i look really fat, but i choose to ignore it and carry on with my weights.



Being a Tuesday i decide to do my weekly routine weigh-in on the gym scales and I’m shocked to see I have actually put on weight!? My Degree of Obesity has gone up as well as my Body Mass Index, my PT explained that my fat is down .2kg and Muscle mass is up 1.5kg but still..them dam scales! 🙁

Well that’s it, pissed off I’m taking a stand, no more little cheat meals or rewards until I’m below 120kg.


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