Inconvenient injuries..

Well it’s been a rough old couple of weeks, I’ve been in the wars to say the least, I pulled my hamstring on my last deadlift rep then I crushed my finger between a plate and the Olympic bar.

This meant I couldn’t go up the rock last weekend as I usually would but I’ve been resting it and only lifting half the weights I’d usually do for back and legs. For the record there’s no way I’d give up working out lol! But I’m glad to say I’m nearly healed now, just a bit of stiffness when I walk but I made it back up the rock and medsteps on Saturday.

The hamstring was the weirdest injury I’ve ever experienced, just as I was coming up my leg spazamed and it felt like an electric shock all the way down to my calf, I felt instantly dizzy and sick, it wasn’t like a ripping sensation that I’d imagined when I read about injures in the past which surprised me.

A bit of foam rolling and loads of tiger balm sorted it though, the bruise on the back of my leg though is the scariest thing ever, I’ve been told a blood vessel had burst and that’s the bruising from it.


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