Weight gain; cheating and weekends!

I’m not too impressed with myself at the moment, for the past few months I’ve really not been on my A-game when it comes to my fitness and nutrition. I’ve had the flu twice so that kept me away from the gym for a week at a time. That, combined with the Christmas period I’ve put on 4kg! I can’t kid myself though, I’ve been eating out loads in restaurants and takeaways, I’ve had snacks here and there and I’ve been doing zero cardio on weekends. I’ve been up twice and to be honest I struggled each time.
Usually I’d save my cardio for weekends and go hiking up the rock which would include medsteps for a few hours but life seemed to have got in the way but circumstances have changed of late.

For the first time in a few years I’m feeling fat again, like an awkward bloated feeling and I’ve even had acid reflux most nights, I’ve not had that taste in many years and I’m shocked that it’s back! Although he pic below
demonstrates how far I’ve come I’m still not happy, I need to hit 100kg straight, at least that’s my target.


Yesterday was my first day back in the gym after a two week break and I made a promise to myself as I stood there seeing my reflection in the locker room mirror “Get back on it Steve, no more sugar drinks, no crisps, chocolates, biscuits or sweets” well I managed to make it through the first day without any junk and i feel quite proud, I’m going to give it my all again and focus on the diet and exercise. The weekends will be completely exercise based again, which is actually how I love to spend my weekends any way, be it gym or outdoor cardio. Of course I will allow myself a little treat (cheat meal) maybe once a week because I known what works for me and what it takes for me to loose weight effectively. So hopefully by May (my birthday) I will have a better pic for you…wish me luck!

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