Deadlifts right vs wrong

Deadlifts; The difference between being taught correctly by an experienced Personal Trainer who actually lifts and an inexperienced trainer makes a huge difference. The clip on the right is my old form and the way I was taught by someone who’s basically a class instructor, this way eventually led to grinding knee and continuous back pain. Being told “a deadlift is basically the same as a squat” should have raised alarm bells way back then but I didn’t know any better. It’s horrendous looking back now and I used to always brush off other people’s advice as I thought my PT knew best.
Seriously folks it’s worth investing in a good reputable experienced PT, one who actually not only looks fit but works out at the same time. Please don’t waste your time, money and health on so called experts, I’m only starting to repair the damaged i have suffered the past few years and its down to bad teaching.

For those looking for an local experienced and qualified PT I highly recommend @tempah_fitness he taught me so much in the past few months I’ve basically thrown away everything I’ve learnt from the past few years.

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