Change of workout routine

They say its always good to change your workout once in a while and this week i have decided to do exactly that.

For the past few years I have worked two major muscle groups on the same day, for example doing legs on a Wednesday and back on a Thursday. Multi-sets like this were okay in the beginning as it was light workouts but as i progressed with bigger weights and proper technique i’ve found its no longer suitable for me. Sticking to this plan was asking too much, it left me drained and exhausted, i would find myself feeling constantly tired and dizzy at times.
Below is my old plan and I’m sure you can see the problem I’m referring to:
  • Mon: Chest and Biceps.
  • Tue: Back and Triceps. 
  • Wed: Legs and Shoulders. 
  • Thur: Back and Biceps. 
  • Friday: Chest and Triceps. 
  • Saturday: Legs
  • Sunday: Back 
So moving forward under proper supervision i now have a new plan and i tried it out this morning and i left the gym feeling strong and energetic. Most seasoned lifters reading this will probably say “Duhh this is the correct way” but you have to remember now is the time I’m actually learning, for years i’ve been taught by a clueless trainer so I’m throwing out all that I have learned and starting a fresh.
So here it is, the new plan:
  • Mon: Shoulders + Triceps
  • Tue: Back
  • Wed: Cardio
  • Thur: Chest + Biceps
  • Friday: Legs
  • Sat: Rest
  • Sun: Outdoor Walk/Cardio


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