Dorian Yates, 8 reps to failure

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I’ve been speaking to a few pro’s recently and getting their opinion and advice on working out as the current method really isn’t doing anything for me. I’ve been over exhausted and struggling with my sets so a few weeks back I decided to drop the weights and up the sets and I even added some cardio at the end. My gym sessions seems to drag on with no end in sight, some sessions are going over 1.5-2hrs! For years I’ve been doing 3 sets with 8-12 reps, upping the weight as you go along but after speaking with Paul and Simon they recommend the Dorian Yates method of 8 reps to failure.

The way it’s works is by doing a warmup set of light weights, rest for 1min then a working set on your heaviest. For example:

1 warm up set of 10-12 reps *
1 min rest
1 working set of 6-8 reps to failure
*(some body parts require 2 warmup sets, legs for example)

I’m also going to change my workout routine to the same as Paul’s, it’s a system he’s perfected over the years and makes a lot of sense (hope you don’t mind me post this mate):

Mon: Shoulders + Triceps
Tue: Back
Wed: Cardio
Thur: Chest + Biceps
Friday: Legs
Sat: Rest
Sun: Outdoor Walk/Cardio

As always I will keep you all posted on my progress and don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed or snapchat for random fitness related posts, username: oneseventyfour



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