Cardio before or after? The big debate!


Many people have different options on when to do cardio, before or after? I’ve done both now for a few years and I’ve found that nether has been right for me, but why though?

Cardio before wares me out so i struggle with my weights, your energy is needed to give you strength for a proper weights session, theres nothing worse than a half-arsed session because you simply don’t have the energy to lift.

Cardio after weights is okay for me but it tires me out and I leave the the gym completely wrecked and i spend the rest of the day feeling drained and grumpy.

Many “experts” have their own opinion on this and we are told many conflicting opinions but after a few years of trying different ways and speaking to some actual Pro’s I’ve finally figured it out…NEITHER!

If you do cardio after weight training it interferes with the recovery and scientific studios have now proven this. Studying articles by Dorian Yates (6 times consecutive my Olympia) I’ve learnt that cardio should be done midweek, this gives your muscles a chance of recovery as cardio is good for recovery as it pushes blood around your system gets rid of the waste product from the weights workout, but it should be kept totally separate from you workout, so have a cardio day, mines Wednesday:

Paul Baw Plan
Mon: Shoulders + Triceps
Tue: Back
Wed: Cardio
Thur: Chest + Biceps
Friday: Legs
Sat: Rest
Sun: Low intensity cardio – walk around/up the rock

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