New friends and a new outlook

Well its been a while since I’ve posted but I thought its about time..


So whats been happening in my world? Well I’m still on my journey, working out daily and trying to find myself and what I want out of life.

Weight wise.. well admittedly my diet hasn’t been amazing, a few cheat meals here and there but it was winter after all lol, I’ve not pilled on the weight but i havent shifted any either..

I went through a short period where I got involved with the wrong people who ended up discouraging me and holding me back, but I soon wised up and removed them from my life and as a result I met some new amazing friends, one in particular who has supported me, encouraged me and picked me up when I’ve been feeling down, she’s shown me how to think more positive, how to handle things when I’m feeling low or lack self esteem and not to close myself off to the world…. Thank you Charlotte x

I’ve had a small article in the local press recently, being featured as instagrammer of the week on YGTV, it was just a quick interview about my posts, take a look for yourself:

#InstagrammersOfGibraltar – @OneSeventyFour


So whats next? Well loosing the remaining 20kg hopefully, summer is around the corner so that means more outdoor training and less Stodgy winter meals, bring on the chicken and broccoli lol!

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