Bye bye Band!

Well 6 years have passed since I had my gastric lapband fitted, I’ve lost 70kgs so far which is quite an achievement but as some of you might be aware I’ve not been well recently which also meant I’ve not been able to workout, hence the lack of gym selfies.


Example of a Gastric Lapband

For the past few months I’ve not been able to eat anything solid and I’ve only been able to sip liquids. Usually soft foods would pass though and liquids were never a problem, but now whenever I try to eat I always bring it back up and I’d have a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. This has meant the weight has dropped off me; -11kg in the past few months purely down to not being able to eat. I’ve also had daily black acid reflux and occasional blood in my vomit so I knew it was time to seek professional advice.

So after extensive tests including X-rays and an endoscopy (which was the most horrendous experience ever) the surgeon confirmed my worst fears; the lap band had slipped!



I’ve was given two options: have it repositioned or removed, I opted for the latter as the band has done its job so far and I’ve lost the majority of my obesity (70kgs), I have another 10kg to loose but I know I can do that on my own now as my lifestyle has changed forever, I will be able to eat healthy again, Im now able to cook myself nice healthy meals instead of going for a daily takeaway.

For the past 6 years I’ve not been able to eat a simple salad, it sounds silly but I long for a big bowl of crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, onions with a bit of chicken on the side. Having the band has meant these foods have never been able to pass through, it’s been the same for most meats, fruit, fish and bread. Having the band out will mean I will have my life back, a new life in fact!

Surgery time.

Tuesday 5th of September 10:50am I’m wheeled into surgery, a little injection and I’m off to sleep for what felt like seconds, in reality I was under the knife for 2 hours and my band has been fully removed via keyhole surgery.


Back on the ward I can hardly move, confused and sleepy my girlfriend Charlotte is looking after me around the clock. I spoke about her a while back, long story short a friendship turned into love and I plan to spend the rest of my life with her. She’s an Enrolled Nurse in this hospital here so I’m in good hands, bless her she’s come in on her days off just to look after me, she even helped me to the toilet and shower me after the op lol..I couldn’t ask more from this girl, she’s amazing!

I’ve been in recovery for 2 days now and I’m able to walk unassisted, friends and family have all visited which really lifted my spirits but damm the quiet times are hard, I feel bruised and battered inside, I can’t bend down to pick things up and my shoulders are killing me, an apparent side effect from anaesthetic. Restless, I’m waking up in pain every few hours but medication is helping.

Im a bit scared of eating right now and it’s been 6 years of being very careful what I put in my mouth but I know I want to eat, it’s the thought of food becoming stuck whilst my insides are so tender.

I’m desperate to get back home and recover. I can’t wait to get my life back, to be able to take my girl out for a meal without having to rush to the bathroom to vomit, I can’t wait to I have the energy to return back to the gym!

Progress pic to follow as soon as I’m feeling human again..btw last weigh-in I was 111kg!



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