Back at the gym

After weeks of trying to ease myself back into the gym by doing mind numbingly boring cardio I decided enough is enough, I need to stop listening to others and lift some weights! I need to do what works for me!!
I can’t understand how people go in day after day and do stationary cardio?! The thought of just staring at a wall for 45mins just wore me down and in the end I just didn’t want to go to the gym at all. I’ve tried HIIT circuits a while back and I will be honest it was too difficult with the extra weight and poor fitness level.

So I’m giving working out another try but I have to admit I’ve put on quite a fair bit since having my lapband removed but to be honest the past few months have been amazing food-wise, I’ve been able to eat things like Cheeseburgers and Steak for the first time in 6 years, so to hell with it, I had a bit of freedom for once.

But now the jeans are skin tight and I feel uncomfortable just walking around, so today was the day I officially returned to the gym, no more cardio only crap, it’s compound exercises like the old days because this works for me, I lost 70kgs this way so I know that it works for me.

Moving forward I will be doing 2 days weights, 1 cardio (or rest) then 2 days weights; start with a 5 mins warmup on a cross trainer the straight in to superset weight lifting, I might finish with a 10-20 uphill walk..

Last weigh-in 111kg
Current weight: 138kg

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