My first gym selfies in a long time!

Many friends have asked what happened to my daily gym selfies? To be honest for the past year I’ve hardly seen the gym and seriously pigged out. After the lapband complications i had the band removed and let the flood gates open, i totally pigged out an why not? The downside is I’ve put on about 30kg! I dint realise how big i actually got until a friend posted a pic of me at the beach, i was gob smacked and decided to take action.

So I’m now fully back into my gym routine and working out 5 days a week. Diet is on track also, carbs for lunch and protein only for dinner.

I started back in July and the results are slowing paying off, im monitoring the muscle growth and fat loss this time and ignoring the overall weight, remember muscle weighs more than fat!

Total Fat Mass Loss: 8.7kg

Total Muscle Gain: 6.4kg

Hopefully i can get back to how i was a year ago, fingers crossed.

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