2011 – 2015 – 2019

2011 – 2015 – 2019 what can I say? So where did I go wrong? I had the surgery (privately), lost the weight, thought I had it all figured out, removed the lap band and went straight back to square one ‍♂️.

So what happened? I didn’t have the education I suppose, with the lapband my food intake was restricted and many foods were simply banned. I always longed for burgers pizzas and chips but knowing I couldn’t have them stopped me, believe me I tried a few times and immediately vomited.

This was the problem, my relationship with food was never dealt with, i was just given the operation after handing over the cash. No education on how, what or when to eat, no lessons on how to change my eating habits or lifestyle, no psychological support to help me deal with overeating.

As far back as I can remember food was my number one priority, even when planning a trip into town or Spain I centred it around where I can go to eat! Even trips abroad would included google street view tours of the takeaways in the area.

This food relationship continued during and even after my lap band removal, I honestly thought I had conquered my bad eating habits but the weight just piled back and the gym and cardio sessions stopped. In the space of two years I suddenly found myself being able to eat the things I longed for, it was amazing to be able to eat simple things like bread again, but I couldn’t see the danger signs, even when my partner warned me. I just thought “a little wont hurt” but before I knew it I was eating the exact same way I did before my operation; nothing had changed! My mindset was still the only one I knew; my obsessions with food.

So here we are today, a 50kgs gain, just 20kg off my heaviest weight and I’ve finally reached out and asked for help.

I’m now seeing a dietitian and awaiting a psychologist appointment. The dietitian has made me aware of how much food is going in, I had no idea how much was actually being consumed until we added everything up. She has explained how things like sugars, carbs, salt and protein work and the effect they have in the body.

We worked out to maintain my current weight (not to loose any) I need 2700 calories a day.
To loose weight I need to take in 1500-1800 calories a day, and being tempted to starve myself and stay below 1000 calories just won’t work, I’d just end up being exhausted and my body would start to hold onto body fat for energy.

So now I’m counting everything single piece of food and liquid that goes into my body. Everything is tracked via an iPhone app to make sure I’m fuelled enough to workout and lose weight at the same time.

I’m two weeks into it and I’m working out again and so far I’ve lost over 5kgs and I’m not starving or burnt out, my body has the fuel (calories) it needs to burn fat and workout.

I’m not sure if I will even conquer my food obsession, I still daydream about food and the temptation to snack won’t even go away but now I at-least understand how much body needs. Perhaps with the help of a psychologist, I can control my cravings and relationship with food? I will let you know soon…



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