2020 Update

For those familiar with this website you will notice its been a while since my last post but a lot has changed, mostly I’ve put on weight and since been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. 

On the upside though this has prompted to health service to act and give me the support I need. 

I now have regular phycologist and dietician meetings to help with my issues and I’m happy to say I’m finally going under the scalpel again!

On the 25th of November I will be having a Gastric Sleeve procedure which will include the removing of 75% of my stomach. This will be similar to the Gastric Band I had but has been proven to have better result, plus its permanent and won’t slip.

In order to prepare for the operation I have to shrink my Liver by loosing 10kgs. This means I have been on a 1000 calorie a day day and walking 12,000 to 15,000 steps per day and Im proud to say I have managed it. 

Some please have said “why don’t you just stick to that and carry on?” but its not sustainable; 1 – I won’t be able to survive as its such a small amount of calories to fuel my body. And 2 – I won’t last, I will end up breaking the diet and binge eating after 2 weeks. 

So through this page and my website I will start to share my weight-loss journey again.

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2011 – 2015 – 2019

2011 – 2015 – 2019 what can I say? So where did I go wrong? I had the surgery (privately), lost the weight, thought I had it all figured out, removed the lap band and went straight back to square one ‍♂️.

So what happened? I didn’t have the education I suppose, with the lapband my food intake was restricted and many foods were simply banned. I always longed for burgers pizzas and chips but knowing I couldn’t have them stopped me, believe me I tried a few times and immediately vomited.

This was the problem, my relationship with food was never dealt with, i was just given the operation after handing over the cash. No education on how, what or when to eat, no lessons on how to change my eating habits or lifestyle, no psychological support to help me deal with overeating.

As far back as I can remember food was my number one priority, even when planning a trip into town or Spain I centred it around where I can go to eat! Even trips abroad would included google street view tours of the takeaways in the area.

This food relationship continued during and even after my lap band removal, I honestly thought I had conquered my bad eating habits but the weight just piled back and the gym and cardio sessions stopped. In the space of two years I suddenly found myself being able to eat the things I longed for, it was amazing to be able to eat simple things like bread again, but I couldn’t see the danger signs, even when my partner warned me. I just thought “a little wont hurt” but before I knew it I was eating the exact same way I did before my operation; nothing had changed! My mindset was still the only one I knew; my obsessions with food.

So here we are today, a 50kgs gain, just 20kg off my heaviest weight and I’ve finally reached out and asked for help.

I’m now seeing a dietitian and awaiting a psychologist appointment. The dietitian has made me aware of how much food is going in, I had no idea how much was actually being consumed until we added everything up. She has explained how things like sugars, carbs, salt and protein work and the effect they have in the body.

We worked out to maintain my current weight (not to loose any) I need 2700 calories a day.
To loose weight I need to take in 1500-1800 calories a day, and being tempted to starve myself and stay below 1000 calories just won’t work, I’d just end up being exhausted and my body would start to hold onto body fat for energy.

So now I’m counting everything single piece of food and liquid that goes into my body. Everything is tracked via an iPhone app to make sure I’m fuelled enough to workout and lose weight at the same time.

I’m two weeks into it and I’m working out again and so far I’ve lost over 5kgs and I’m not starving or burnt out, my body has the fuel (calories) it needs to burn fat and workout.

I’m not sure if I will even conquer my food obsession, I still daydream about food and the temptation to snack won’t even go away but now I at-least understand how much body needs. Perhaps with the help of a psychologist, I can control my cravings and relationship with food? I will let you know soon…



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My first gym selfies in a long time!

Many friends have asked what happened to my daily gym selfies? To be honest for the past year I’ve hardly seen the gym and seriously pigged out. After the lapband complications i had the band removed and let the flood gates open, i totally pigged out an why not? The downside is I’ve put on about 30kg! I dint realise how big i actually got until a friend posted a pic of me at the beach, i was gob smacked and decided to take action.

So I’m now fully back into my gym routine and working out 5 days a week. Diet is on track also, carbs for lunch and protein only for dinner.

I started back in July and the results are slowing paying off, im monitoring the muscle growth and fat loss this time and ignoring the overall weight, remember muscle weighs more than fat!

Total Fat Mass Loss: 8.7kg

Total Muscle Gain: 6.4kg

Hopefully i can get back to how i was a year ago, fingers crossed.

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Back at the gym

After weeks of trying to ease myself back into the gym by doing mind numbingly boring cardio I decided enough is enough, I need to stop listening to others and lift some weights! I need to do what works for me!!
I can’t understand how people go in day after day and do stationary cardio?! The thought of just staring at a wall for 45mins just wore me down and in the end I just didn’t want to go to the gym at all. I’ve tried HIIT circuits a while back and I will be honest it was too difficult with the extra weight and poor fitness level.

So I’m giving working out another try but I have to admit I’ve put on quite a fair bit since having my lapband removed but to be honest the past few months have been amazing food-wise, I’ve been able to eat things like Cheeseburgers and Steak for the first time in 6 years, so to hell with it, I had a bit of freedom for once.

But now the jeans are skin tight and I feel uncomfortable just walking around, so today was the day I officially returned to the gym, no more cardio only crap, it’s compound exercises like the old days because this works for me, I lost 70kgs this way so I know that it works for me.

Moving forward I will be doing 2 days weights, 1 cardio (or rest) then 2 days weights; start with a 5 mins warmup on a cross trainer the straight in to superset weight lifting, I might finish with a 10-20 uphill walk..

Last weigh-in 111kg
Current weight: 138kg

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Bye bye Band!

Well 6 years have passed since I had my gastric lapband fitted, I’ve lost 70kgs so far which is quite an achievement but as some of you might be aware I’ve not been well recently which also meant I’ve not been able to workout, hence the lack of gym selfies.


Example of a Gastric Lapband

For the past few months I’ve not been able to eat anything solid and I’ve only been able to sip liquids. Usually soft foods would pass though and liquids were never a problem, but now whenever I try to eat I always bring it back up and I’d have a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. This has meant the weight has dropped off me; -11kg in the past few months purely down to not being able to eat. I’ve also had daily black acid reflux and occasional blood in my vomit so I knew it was time to seek professional advice.

So after extensive tests including X-rays and an endoscopy (which was the most horrendous experience ever) the surgeon confirmed my worst fears; the lap band had slipped!



I’ve was given two options: have it repositioned or removed, I opted for the latter as the band has done its job so far and I’ve lost the majority of my obesity (70kgs), I have another 10kg to loose but I know I can do that on my own now as my lifestyle has changed forever, I will be able to eat healthy again, Im now able to cook myself nice healthy meals instead of going for a daily takeaway.

For the past 6 years I’ve not been able to eat a simple salad, it sounds silly but I long for a big bowl of crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, onions with a bit of chicken on the side. Having the band has meant these foods have never been able to pass through, it’s been the same for most meats, fruit, fish and bread. Having the band out will mean I will have my life back, a new life in fact!

Surgery time.

Tuesday 5th of September 10:50am I’m wheeled into surgery, a little injection and I’m off to sleep for what felt like seconds, in reality I was under the knife for 2 hours and my band has been fully removed via keyhole surgery.


Back on the ward I can hardly move, confused and sleepy my girlfriend Charlotte is looking after me around the clock. I spoke about her a while back, long story short a friendship turned into love and I plan to spend the rest of my life with her. She’s an Enrolled Nurse in this hospital here so I’m in good hands, bless her she’s come in on her days off just to look after me, she even helped me to the toilet and shower me after the op lol..I couldn’t ask more from this girl, she’s amazing!

I’ve been in recovery for 2 days now and I’m able to walk unassisted, friends and family have all visited which really lifted my spirits but damm the quiet times are hard, I feel bruised and battered inside, I can’t bend down to pick things up and my shoulders are killing me, an apparent side effect from anaesthetic. Restless, I’m waking up in pain every few hours but medication is helping.

Im a bit scared of eating right now and it’s been 6 years of being very careful what I put in my mouth but I know I want to eat, it’s the thought of food becoming stuck whilst my insides are so tender.

I’m desperate to get back home and recover. I can’t wait to get my life back, to be able to take my girl out for a meal without having to rush to the bathroom to vomit, I can’t wait to I have the energy to return back to the gym!

Progress pic to follow as soon as I’m feeling human again..btw last weigh-in I was 111kg!



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New Gym! Strength Factory

After 7 years I finally said good bye to my old gym, it served me well up until now but its time to step it up and get into a real weight lifters gym rather than a fitness club. Introducing my new home; Strength Factory! 

This is a full-on, no bullshit, alpha male, bad arse gym! Its got more dumbbells and plates than you could ever imagine, enough benches to never leave you waiting, 4 squat racks, a power lifting plate, proper leg press machine (see my video below) cables..and more importantly…SPACE!


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 09.11.10

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Boxing for cardio.

Grown tired of the relentless treadmill and x-trainer cardio days so I have now introduced boxing as my cardio.

Im using the 30-30-30 drill as in the video below, first 30 secs of throw your punches at regular speeds, the 2nd 30 secs you move around the bag and hit the bag as many times as you can and as fast as your can, the 3rd 30 seconds are knock out punches.

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Legs and Back day video’s

Light and steady on leg day is key!


Back day with @tempah_fitness

Looking for a personal trainer or just some guidance on your form? Simon is one of those most knowledgeable trainers in gib because unlike most he actually workouts out and it shows, this combined with the way he explains the technique and movement in each rep makes sense but be warned, he doesn’t go light on you!

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Everyone is going nuts about this pic on social media so why not share it here lol



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Veins….I finally have Veins!




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56k ride!

What an awesome weekend, I managed to get the bike out on another big trek, this time we cycled from Gibraltar to Castellar along the canal and back along the main road, loved every minute of it..hoping there plenty more to come!



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Latest obsession: Mountain Biking!


Those who follow my Instagram or Facebook account will know that I recently bought a Mountain Bike, I’ve wanted one for years since i started this weight-loss mission but always thought I was too big for one but it turns out i’m not! I managed to get my hands on a decent used Specialized Rockhopper 19 from a friend and I can see why people love it, including the falls lol!




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GoPro on an Olympic Bar!

So i decided to strap my GoPro to the Olympic Bar during deadlifts, got to say I’m pleased with the outcome!


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Even after a 3 hour outdoor cardio session I still look good!………….Confidence slowly creeping back.

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Back to Running!

A quick video of my run down from medsteps.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper outdoor cardio session but I’ve been secretly working on my endurance and legs. I woke up this morning feeling stronger than ever so I treated myself to a Sunday run up the top of the rock incl medsteps then a run down to town, trashed my legs but man it feels fan-fucking-tastic to running again.

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Cardio before or after? The big debate!


Many people have different options on when to do cardio, before or after? I’ve done both now for a few years and I’ve found that nether has been right for me, but why though?

Cardio before wares me out so i struggle with my weights, your energy is needed to give you strength for a proper weights session, theres nothing worse than a half-arsed session because you simply don’t have the energy to lift.

Cardio after weights is okay for me but it tires me out and I leave the the gym completely wrecked and i spend the rest of the day feeling drained and grumpy.

Many “experts” have their own opinion on this and we are told many conflicting opinions but after a few years of trying different ways and speaking to some actual Pro’s I’ve finally figured it out…NEITHER!

If you do cardio after weight training it interferes with the recovery and scientific studios have now proven this. Studying articles by Dorian Yates (6 times consecutive my Olympia) I’ve learnt that cardio should be done midweek, this gives your muscles a chance of recovery as cardio is good for recovery as it pushes blood around your system gets rid of the waste product from the weights workout, but it should be kept totally separate from you workout, so have a cardio day, mines Wednesday:

Paul Baw Plan
Mon: Shoulders + Triceps
Tue: Back
Wed: Cardio
Thur: Chest + Biceps
Friday: Legs
Sat: Rest
Sun: Low intensity cardio – walk around/up the rock

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This is the first NSV in a long while if I’m honest… So I needed some new gym pants as the Nike ones were a bit loose, I picked up the XL assuming these would be perfect but they were too loose! I went back to the hook and took a pair of large thinking “there’s no way these will fit” but to my surprise they do and what’s more they fit well, damm I look good in these…Happy days lol

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Progress…it’s a long road!

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Dorian Yates, 8 reps to failure

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 14.34.38

I’ve been speaking to a few pro’s recently and getting their opinion and advice on working out as the current method really isn’t doing anything for me. I’ve been over exhausted and struggling with my sets so a few weeks back I decided to drop the weights and up the sets and I even added some cardio at the end. My gym sessions seems to drag on with no end in sight, some sessions are going over 1.5-2hrs! For years I’ve been doing 3 sets with 8-12 reps, upping the weight as you go along but after speaking with Paul and Simon they recommend the Dorian Yates method of 8 reps to failure.

The way it’s works is by doing a warmup set of light weights, rest for 1min then a working set on your heaviest. For example:

1 warm up set of 10-12 reps *
1 min rest
1 working set of 6-8 reps to failure
*(some body parts require 2 warmup sets, legs for example)

I’m also going to change my workout routine to the same as Paul’s, it’s a system he’s perfected over the years and makes a lot of sense (hope you don’t mind me post this mate):

Mon: Shoulders + Triceps
Tue: Back
Wed: Cardio
Thur: Chest + Biceps
Friday: Legs
Sat: Rest
Sun: Outdoor Walk/Cardio

As always I will keep you all posted on my progress and don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed or snapchat for random fitness related posts, username: oneseventyfour



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Change of workout routine

They say its always good to change your workout once in a while and this week i have decided to do exactly that.

For the past few years I have worked two major muscle groups on the same day, for example doing legs on a Wednesday and back on a Thursday. Multi-sets like this were okay in the beginning as it was light workouts but as i progressed with bigger weights and proper technique i’ve found its no longer suitable for me. Sticking to this plan was asking too much, it left me drained and exhausted, i would find myself feeling constantly tired and dizzy at times.
Below is my old plan and I’m sure you can see the problem I’m referring to:
  • Mon: Chest and Biceps.
  • Tue: Back and Triceps. 
  • Wed: Legs and Shoulders. 
  • Thur: Back and Biceps. 
  • Friday: Chest and Triceps. 
  • Saturday: Legs
  • Sunday: Back 
So moving forward under proper supervision i now have a new plan and i tried it out this morning and i left the gym feeling strong and energetic. Most seasoned lifters reading this will probably say “Duhh this is the correct way” but you have to remember now is the time I’m actually learning, for years i’ve been taught by a clueless trainer so I’m throwing out all that I have learned and starting a fresh.
So here it is, the new plan:
  • Mon: Shoulders + Triceps
  • Tue: Back
  • Wed: Cardio
  • Thur: Chest + Biceps
  • Friday: Legs
  • Sat: Rest
  • Sun: Outdoor Walk/Cardio


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Deadlifts right vs wrong

Deadlifts; The difference between being taught correctly by an experienced Personal Trainer who actually lifts and an inexperienced trainer makes a huge difference. The clip on the right is my old form and the way I was taught by someone who’s basically a class instructor, this way eventually led to grinding knee and continuous back pain. Being told “a deadlift is basically the same as a squat” should have raised alarm bells way back then but I didn’t know any better. It’s horrendous looking back now and I used to always brush off other people’s advice as I thought my PT knew best.
Seriously folks it’s worth investing in a good reputable experienced PT, one who actually not only looks fit but works out at the same time. Please don’t waste your time, money and health on so called experts, I’m only starting to repair the damaged i have suffered the past few years and its down to bad teaching.

For those looking for an local experienced and qualified PT I highly recommend @tempah_fitness he taught me so much in the past few months I’ve basically thrown away everything I’ve learnt from the past few years.

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Weight gain; cheating and weekends!

I’m not too impressed with myself at the moment, for the past few months I’ve really not been on my A-game when it comes to my fitness and nutrition. I’ve had the flu twice so that kept me away from the gym for a week at a time. That, combined with the Christmas period I’ve put on 4kg! I can’t kid myself though, I’ve been eating out loads in restaurants and takeaways, I’ve had snacks here and there and I’ve been doing zero cardio on weekends. I’ve been up twice and to be honest I struggled each time.
Usually I’d save my cardio for weekends and go hiking up the rock which would include medsteps for a few hours but life seemed to have got in the way but circumstances have changed of late.

For the first time in a few years I’m feeling fat again, like an awkward bloated feeling and I’ve even had acid reflux most nights, I’ve not had that taste in many years and I’m shocked that it’s back! Although he pic below
demonstrates how far I’ve come I’m still not happy, I need to hit 100kg straight, at least that’s my target.


Yesterday was my first day back in the gym after a two week break and I made a promise to myself as I stood there seeing my reflection in the locker room mirror “Get back on it Steve, no more sugar drinks, no crisps, chocolates, biscuits or sweets” well I managed to make it through the first day without any junk and i feel quite proud, I’m going to give it my all again and focus on the diet and exercise. The weekends will be completely exercise based again, which is actually how I love to spend my weekends any way, be it gym or outdoor cardio. Of course I will allow myself a little treat (cheat meal) maybe once a week because I known what works for me and what it takes for me to loose weight effectively. So hopefully by May (my birthday) I will have a better pic for you…wish me luck!

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After two bouts of flu I’m back, I had most of January off with the flu and it destroyed me, now gonna give it my all and really try and improve my fitness levels and loose this remaining 15kg, it starts here today, no more excuses, distractions or junk food.

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Weight belts

Seriously impressed with the difference a pro belt makes, by pure luck I managed to get my hands on a #Inzer #leverbelt and I’m amazed the difference it makes over my store bough bog standard one, expensive but well worth it!

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Inconvenient injuries..

Well it’s been a rough old couple of weeks, I’ve been in the wars to say the least, I pulled my hamstring on my last deadlift rep then I crushed my finger between a plate and the Olympic bar.

This meant I couldn’t go up the rock last weekend as I usually would but I’ve been resting it and only lifting half the weights I’d usually do for back and legs. For the record there’s no way I’d give up working out lol! But I’m glad to say I’m nearly healed now, just a bit of stiffness when I walk but I made it back up the rock and medsteps on Saturday.

The hamstring was the weirdest injury I’ve ever experienced, just as I was coming up my leg spazamed and it felt like an electric shock all the way down to my calf, I felt instantly dizzy and sick, it wasn’t like a ripping sensation that I’d imagined when I read about injures in the past which surprised me.

A bit of foam rolling and loads of tiger balm sorted it though, the bruise on the back of my leg though is the scariest thing ever, I’ve been told a blood vessel had burst and that’s the bruising from it.


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Size M! CW 113kgs



Oh what’s that, a new t-shirt from the awesome guys at The Health Store Gibraltar? But wait, that’s a size MEDIUM!…and it fits!!! Just as a reminder I used to be XXXL!
So a bit of a shout out to these guys for the continued support and knowledge, I know I don’t say it much but you guys are great and you have really helped me over the years, thank you. If you need Suppliments etc check out www.thehealthstoreeurope.com
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A different person? No just better!

I’ve been going through old pics recently and I’m always surprised at the difference in my face since the weight loss, people don’t believe it’s the same person but I promise it is lol.

Another cool pic was suggested by my friend Tessa, she asked if I still had my old fat jeans and if I did to try and fit into one leg haha…I did!

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Jeans…but not any pair; LEVI’s!

Non scale victory; first ever pair of Levi’s jeans..and store bought, I didn’t have to got to a specialist fat shop. I’ve never owned a pair of labelled jeans before as they never had them in my size, these were straight off the shelf though.

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Work it, make it, do it,
 Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!

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My Journey so far (video)

I thought id give myself a little more motivation with this video, I heard this song the other day and the intro just blew my mind!

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Back up the rock with doggy knees

I’ve had some really sore knees recently, like a grinding noise and feeling when I bend them, I think it’s due to dodgy sumo deadlifts last week so I decided to give my legs a break for a week and they are still a bit uncomfortable but on the mend.
 I couldn’t bear spending a 2nd weekend without going up the rock, as you will know it’s my thinking place and always helps put think into perspective, so i had a great day up there with my music 🙂
 Today’s hike sponsored by Adidas and imightbesuckingitin.com

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Current weight 117kg

On my instagram on Monday I decided to try and be a bit more cleaner with my diet, Well I made it through the first day! Protein shake for breakfast after my workout, another for lunch and some lasagne on its own for dinner. Worst thing was though I got home and my sister brought some homemade cupcakes round, the temptation was there but I stayed strong lol. It’s paying off though as I’m down a kg (CW 174kg) from last week so it’s gonna be interesting to see what a stricter diet will make.
 Apart from that I’m feeling pretty great right now, I met some new friends recently so I’m getting out there more socially in between training and I’m looking forward to a great healthier summer with new friends 🙂

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Flash back Thursday!

Here’s a bit of a reminder of the old me, I kept my fat jeans lol

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Posing comes natural :P

calvin klein poster IMG_2108

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Comparison pics from my Instagram account

Ive been feeling a bit more motivated lately so I’ve been uploading a few before & after pics to my Instagram account, if you don’t follow me heres the best of them.


IMG_1177 IMG_2197 IMG_2322


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Foam rolling

This week is bought to you by the colour orange! Loving my new #TriggerPoint Grid, so much better than the cheap foam version I was using previously.

For those who don’t know its designed to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands, you use your body weight to roll against the foam roller and its perfect for post workouts, google Foam Rolling for more info.

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Smugness over my new workout plan


Feeling quite smug after today’s workout as Thursday is usually a rest day but @fitstop_gibraltar worked out a new plan for me and I’m loving it!
 I won’t go into detail but basically this is my routine for the week:
 Mon: chest and biceps.
 Tue: back and triceps.
 Wed: legs and shoulders.
 Thur: back and biceps.
 Friday: chest and triceps.
 Saturday: cardio and rest.
 Sunday: cardio and rest.

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Weekends up the rock cardio shenanigans




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A teen again… -120kg

Bit of a huge deal for me last week, I stepped on the gym scales and for the time since I was a kid I’m finally below 120kgs…I’m a teenager again lol!
 Those who follow me will know I’ve been battling to get below 120 for a while now so you will get where I’m coming from and why I’m so frigging happy…and what a better day it could happen on, my 35th birthday!

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Front squats are actually OK!…

….but I won’t be able to walk tomorrow lol

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New toys from Romania


Went old skool today with some hooked wrist straps straight out of the 80’s! I used them on the pulldown machine and rear/rows delts and I can say they actually really did make a difference, I was able to have better control over the motion and it felt a lot more secure. I wouldn’t recommend them for free weights though as it just didn’t feel right.

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5 days of rest and a new attitude


Left my ego at home today and returned to the weights after a 5 day break, no more showing off with massive weights, from now on it’s strictly form! I practiced my deadlifts, rear and front squats with light weights to prefect my form and was pleasantly surprised when watching the videos back

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Reminder after the drama

Heres a pic to remind myself of just how far I’ve come after all the drama this morning, sorry about that:/ I had a really shit night and morning but I spoke to my PT buddy and he’s explained a lot to me, turns out it ain’t that bad as bad as I thought and I should ignore the actual weight part, problem is I’m so desperate to get below the 120kg mark, so I’m taking a stand, no more little cheat meals or rewards until I’m below 120kg.

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Great start to the week then doom…weight gain

So I had a nice start to the week and was feeling really fit and healthy, i had a great Monday morning chest and biceps session and went to work feeling fantastic.


Later that day i got home and still feeling the buzz went back to the gym for some cardio, a 5 kilometre run, I admit i did find it really hard but i just put it down to being a Monday, still feeling great though.





Then this morning (Tuesday) comes along and gives me the finger, woke up feeling really bloated but went to the gym anyways. I get there and my new headphones decide not to work so I’m forced to listen to the gyms shit tech0 playlist, I’m a RnB Hiphop kinda guy. Whilst working out i catch my reflection in the mirror a few times and i feel disgusted by what I see, suddenly i look really fat, but i choose to ignore it and carry on with my weights.



Being a Tuesday i decide to do my weekly routine weigh-in on the gym scales and I’m shocked to see I have actually put on weight!? My Degree of Obesity has gone up as well as my Body Mass Index, my PT explained that my fat is down .2kg and Muscle mass is up 1.5kg but still..them dam scales! 🙁

Well that’s it, pissed off I’m taking a stand, no more little cheat meals or rewards until I’m below 120kg.


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100 x Squats…time lapse video


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Progress comparison

174 side by side small

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10k Run!

I didn’t think it would ever be possible but I did it…my first ever 10k run!! . My max had always been 5k but today i just carried on..avg speed 10kph….67mins later I hit 10k..so freaking proud of myself today 🙂





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1 week of weights

Well its been a week now since I returned to the weights and its been fantastic, I’m feeling stronger than ever and loving every minute of it..I’ve even learned a few new routines thanks to Master Trainer Richard Avery. I also have a gym fail though so thought I’d share it lol (video).

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Back on the weights!

I’ve never been happier to be back on the weights, and what a day to return on; legs and shoulders 🙂 After a week of just cardio my shoulder is feeling fantastic now, not even the slightest bit of discomfort.

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Week of cardio

7 days of cardio complete, daily 5k runs and hikes up the rock, back to the weights tomorrow!

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Throwback Thursday!

May 2011 vs March 2015

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Shoulder injury

So I’m injured again! I went in this morning and decided to do some upper body light weights instead of my usual cardio-Thursday, I was doing a incline bench press with the EZ bar and I felt the knot in my shoulder/back suddenly come back 😐

I had to bite the bullet this time though and book myself in for a emergency massage in the spa and even managed to force a selfie smile lol. The massage helped a bit but now I’m tucked up in bed for the day. FML!


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Selfies = confidence, fact!

I’ve woke up yesterday  feeling amazing and after a long selfie break from I’m back! I’ve not been posting for a while now as I’ve been a bit self conscious about my weight, that and a couple of injuries made me feel really fat and not so confident. But then I figured it out, it’s the daily selfies that remind me how far I have actually come, taking them and posting them online gives me a huge self confidence boost, it even make me walk tall and proud, so yeah…thinking positive and determined again..I always get what I want….just expect a heap loads of selfies again lol

Also I’m no longer the fattest guy in the office!! Funny how karma works lmao



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Little by little….. I can’t wait to be in the sub 120’s but it’s a hard balance trying to loose weight and build muscle. I’m also struggling outside of the gym also, trying to find out who I am and what I want out of life, so I’m having my ups and downs. Best thing I can do for now it seems is to knuckle down and focus on the weightloss and close myself off from the world for a while…see you in the other side!

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Signal hill climb

Sunday usual, up through town, signal hill, Medsteps then back down to town.


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Sunday’s are getting too cold to be indoors!

Too cold to stay indoors tonight so I decided to have another hike up the rock, liking my new signal hill route, it’s a real killer on the quads but well worth it.

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Uphill training and a gun show :P

I tried a new cardio warm up today that is more fitting to my outdoors session, 10mins run uphill running at a nice steady 9kph; started on incline 3, then up to 6 and finished on 9. After that the usual chest, biceps and mirror session haha


IMG_4048 IMG_4054


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Legs legs legss..oh and shoulders!

Leg and shoulder day..tomorrow I will die lol

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Oh look another selfie

Nice day for triceps and back!

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Comparison pic

A little bit of New Years motivation

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Saturday usual

Partner in crime was down with man-flu so it was a solo hike for me; Walk up from town the the upper rock, up medsteps then back down and around the rock

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Boxing Day burn

Bye bye turkey..Christmas dinner definitely burnt off now, sod sitting infant of the TV all day eating chocs!

Location:Montagu Gardens,,

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Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

Last workout before Xmas so had a great workout and decided to do a Christmas naked selfie…I took two scoops of pre-workout haha.



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170kg Squats! (375lbs)

New personal squat best; 170kg 375lbs


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Throw back Thursday

Throw back Thursday….. to my fatter days lol


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5k run!



There you have it folks, my first 5k run, people go on about the coach to 5k challenge but I’m not one for all that.

I went into the gym with a sore shoulder and thought it best give it a break so decided to go for a run on the treadmill, 5 kilometres later i was done..love the unplanned victories 🙂

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Quick scale comparison

Click pic for zoomed view



Click pic for zoomed view

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20 Kilometer hike!

I never thought id see the day where id actually be able to do a 20k hike, but I’ve done it!



I started out in Westside, went along Devils Tower Road, then onto Catalan Bay and up through the tunnel to Europa Point. From Europa i went up Medsteps then along the upper rock and down to town.

I realised I wouldn’t hit the 20k mark so I went back up the rock via Ape’s Den (killer hill!!) and back along the upper rock to town.

At the end of it I ended up with a few blisters but the sense of pride and achievement was well worth it.

IMG_0106 IMG_0201


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Cardio – Medsteps – 123kgs


I’ve never been a fan of cardio (strictly weights) but recently I’ve been trying to work on in inside and outside the gym.

Before each workout i do a 10 min run on the treadmill, starting off at 9kph and building unto 10kph.


Outside of the gym I’ve started doing the medsteps to those non-local this is a +400m high (1,300 ft) hike from the bottom of the Rock of Gibraltar to the highest point, it comprises of steps and dirt tracks and usually takes 45mins to complete (bottom to top) i started off with a +hour walk but I’ve recently knocked it down to 24 minutes!

As a result I’ve started to shred a bit more weight and my current weight is down to 123kgs (was 179kg)





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Pull ups…LOL

You have to laugh at yourself sometime, had a great LOL taking these pics…


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125kgs and new records!

Well its about time i did an update right?

So whats been going on since my last post? Well I’m now down to 125 kg’s !!  Also my workouts have totally changed (again), I give a brief breakdown below.

I now workout on a weekends also, beats sitting at home, Thursdays are usually my rest day but i still end up going in and doing cardio only.

Today i snapped the pic below and uploaded it to instagram and Facebook and  I was totally overwhelmed by the response; Facebook 74 likes + 48 comments – Instagram 64 likes and 34 comments!
Thanks for the love everyone!


(Pic take today 8th April 2014)


So my workouts; i not putting up the actually weight (kgs) as i don’t want to show off 😛

Monday & Friday – Chest & Bicep

3-5 Sets Bench-press olympic bar 5-20 (high reps/light weights) Arms low to floor
3-5 sets Dumbbell Chest Fly Incline Bench
3-4 sets Concentrated Bicep curls Incline Bench
3-5 sets Bench press dumbbell Incline Bench
3 sets Seated knee bicep curls
3-4 sets Standing EZ Bar bicep curls
3 Sets Seated EZ bar bicep curls
3 sets Seated dumbbell hammer curls
3-5 sets Cable chest fly crossover pin8
3-4 sets Cable biceps T-curls  pin6
3-4 sets Concentrated Bicep curls Incline Bench (Cool downs)

Tuesday & Saturday – Back & Triceps

3-5 sets Bent over dumbbell row (saw action, one leg back)
3-4 sets Standing Single Triceps extension (dumbbell overhead)
3-4 sets Seated Double Triceps dumbbell overhead
3-5 sets Assisted pull-ups Cable machine
3-4 sets Triceps cable machine pulls
3-5 sets Cable machine standing rear row Top, middle, bottom
3-5 sets Incline bench dumbbell rear fly
3-4 sets Bech ab crunches
3-4 sets Triceps dips bench 12x legs-in 10x legs-med 8x legs-out
3-4 sets Standing Single Triceps extension (dumbbell overhead)

Wednesday & Sunday – Legs & Shoulders
3-5 sets Smith machine chest press 2-6reps (low reps/heavy weights) Arms parallel with floor.
2-3 sets Smith machine seated shoulder press
3-4 sets Seated Dumbbell Shoulder press
3-4 sets Standing rounded plate shrugs
3-4 sets Standing Dumbbell Raise (front)
3-4 sets Standing Dumbbell Iron cross
2-3 sets Dumbbell Shrugs
3-5 sets Olympic bar Deadlifts
3-5 sets Olymipc bar squats
3-5 sets Seated machine Leg curl
3-5 sets Seated machineLeg extension
3-5 sets Seated machineLeg press




Thursday REST DAY – Usually do 1 hour of cardio though 




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New Year, New Workout

My PT Richard kindly went over my existing workout and tweaked it to perfection, I was going to wait till the new year but couldn’t resist giving it a quick try and I’m glad I did! It was prob my best workout ever,thanks rich!

Today was chest and biceps (couldn’t fit the bicep workout into the photo) and I absolutely smashed it racking up 1285 calories in 1hr and 20 mins, more info to follow over the next couple of weeks.



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My workout routine – (Discontinued)

UPDATED: Discontinued, new workout to follow soon.


Old workouts removed…see new lost above.
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New trousers


Today I achieved a new personal goal today; for many many years I’ve been unable to buy trousers from high street stores. Today I walked into M&S and voila they fitted so i bought 2 pairs lol.


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Too much cardio?


Up until now I’ve done cardio everyday before my weights session, this involved +30 mins of treadmill or crosstrainer depending on the pain in my shins.
Everyone tells you cardio is the best way to loose weight and without giving it a thought we stupidly go along with it, but recently cardio has left me feeling drained when its weight lifting time straight after and worn-out later in the day at work and to top it all I don’t seems to be increasing muscle mass so I decided to do some research…

I’ve read page after page the last few days and spoke to my PT friend and they all point to the same answer; Cardio is NOT the best way to loose weight but weight lifting is and here’s why:

Cardio activity will no doubt use fat to fuel energy output, this process usually only lasts as long as the session itself, weight training however, will work one’s body much more intensely than most forms of cardio will, thus stimulating a greater metabolic response, which will ultimately lead to increased fat loss above and beyond an aerobic workout and by building muscle we become walking furnaces, burning fat even while at rest as metabolic tissue requires energy 24hrs a day to recover.

Look around at the gym, you see the same old people day in, day out, on the crosstrainers, treadmills and bikes getting nowhere fast, all they do is come in and do cardio, shower and leave, we even have a name for them down my gym ‘Sapphire girls’ and I’m afraid i have become one of them without even realising!
Now look at your more advances gym users, the jocks and meatheads, always in the weights area and only doing cardio a few times a week, this is the reason for it!

So from now on and going to be less Sapphire and more Old School lol, (think Arnie!)
I’m cutting back my cardio sessions to 2-3 times a week only, I will rework by schedule over the next few days and update it as I go along and post it here.


I found a great article if your interested in learning more: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/5-forgotten-fat-loss-tips.html

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Welcome to the 120’s!

On Friday (09 aug 2013) I finally got below 130kgs!


For the past 6 months my weight loss has gone at a snails pace and i was desperate to get below 130, so I was chuffed as hell when the scales finally showed 129.5KGs.

I stepped off and on 3 time just to make sure lol

I love these little milestone victories 🙂

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Post workout stretching

Today I tried something new, stretching!



For a while now one of my closest friends Jody-Lea has been explaining the importance of stretching after exercise and to be honest I’ve always dodged the subject as I thought id look like a beached whale! Today however was different, she talked me into giving it a go in the privacy of a small studio during a quiet time at the gym and i really enjoyed it!

I felt a bit uneasy at first but she did the same routine as me and explained it as she went along. From time-to-time I suffer in silence from lower back pains after years of carry all that weight and i know this will definitely help with this pain.

Some stretches were a little tough as I’m still a big bloke but i feel its something I can work on.

In the end I left feeling really relaxed, as normally I would be tense after lifting quite heavy weights. It was a great way to cool down after all the adrenalin running through my body and now i’m even tempted to try yoga! Thanks lil buddy!

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Ohhhhhh so thats what a real 1000 calorie workout feels like!


This is running/jogging then free weights. The running is 25 min of sprint>jog>sprint (max speed 12 kph)and so on which burned 340 cal, then I followed up with 1 hour of free weights which burned  725 cal.


Its been said by friends not to trust the calories burned display on the Life Fitness equipment and boy are  they right, my previous 1000 calories sessions are like 40% out! People really need to invest in a Polar heart-rate monitor to see true results.

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100322_N90_BOW_PF_#1Band_no_pings_FL_PHO-10-0110 001

I treated myself to a Polar H7 Heart-rate monitor at the weekend and gave it a test run over the weekend. I soon realised that my usual 1000cal treadmill session wasn’t all that its cracked up to be, my heartrate wasn’t as high as it should be for optimum calorie burning and the 1000 calories as displayed on the treadmill screen is probably more near 400cal in reality.


After some serious discussion with @thecaptinsdaughter I have decided to give running a try again. Previously I was too over-weight and it really hurt my legs but this morning (monday) I set the machine to zero incline and ran for 2 mins at 9kph then 1min jogging at 7kph for a total of 20mins (the pic says 17mins but i forgot to hit start on the iPhone lol). This burnt 245 calories which Im comfortable with for the first day,

After a quick protein shake I was onto the weights for half an hour for a Total burn of 569 calories. As a result my t-shirt was dripping with sweat so i felt accomplished.



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Protein fruit Flapjacks

I always loved Flapjacks but they can be quite unhealthy, so after some research i found a few healthy recipes online and I took these and made them my own:



  • Oats
  • Whey Protein
  • Flaxseed/Linseed
  • Flaked Almonds
  • Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
  • Coconut Oil (melted)
  • Agave Syrup or Honey
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Frozen Berries
  • Raisins

How To Make Them

This will make 8 flapjacks or 4 massive ones. Put all your dry ingredients in a large bowl in the following quantities:

  • 3 scoops Vanilla Whey Protein powder (at 90% protein, this will deliver about 150g protein)
  • 200g Oats
  • 2 Tbsp Linseeds (Flaxseeds)
  • 40g Flaked Almonds
  • 120g Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
  • Handful of frozen berries and raisins

Put your liquid ingredients into a separate bowls in the following quantities:

  • 100g Melted Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tbsp of Agave Syrup or Honey
  • 2 drops Extract Vanilla

Now add your liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and give it a good mix.

If it’s too dry to bind together, add a max of 50ml/3 tablespoons of water to moisten it a little.

Put some baking paper on a baking tray and empty the mix onto the tray. Flatten it out on the tray and place in a preheated oven at 190c/370f/gas mark 5 for 15-20 minutes.

Out of the oven leave to cool then cut into 8 servings. Once cool keep in fridge

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140kgs squats

New record!


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Pre-workout boosts

Recently I have been feeling really run down and tired, mainly due to hay fever and a busy personal life, so i needed an extra little boost in the morning before my workout. After doing some research I decided I needed a pre-workout supplement. I tried Maximuscles’s Pump up +N02 capsules but because of the lap band i struggled to swallow the tablets, instead i cracked them open and poured the powered into water, this resulted in a thick black metal like tasting disgusting mix and to be honest didn’t really give me that much of a boost.


So after a chat with the guys at The Health Store Gibraltar i decided on the powdered Maximuscle Viper Boost 900g and I have to say I’m amazed at the results! I managed to steam through my 1000cal cardio session then completed my shoulder, back & core weights session. I added the orange (not my fav) flavoured powered to water bottle and drank it through the 35min cardio session.

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Blister solution

So I’ve had about 2 weeks off from the treadmill to heal my blisters (see previous post) and I was really cautious about getting back into it but after speaking with friends I think I’ve found a solution; duct tape!


I have lined the inside of my trainers with heavy duty duct tape and put on a extra pair of socks. I gave this idea a test run (literally) on Sunday by doing half my usual session on a medium incline and it seemed to have worked. Today I did my full 1000 calorie session and Im pleased to report no blisters!

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Treadmill blisters!


As you may already know I’ve recently been hitting it hard on the treadmill, managing to rack up 1000 calories per session, but with success comes pain..
I now have a huge blister on the back of my ankle! 🙁

I dont know what to blame it on to be honest, I have an expensive pair of asics trainers designed for running and I have been using them for months now with no problem, the blisters came only until I’ve double my treadmill time.

Any suggestions are welcome, please PM me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/applemancintosh


On a side note I changed my  workout routine a bit to just 1 leg day per week, I have updated my previous post showing what exercises i do: http://www.oneseventyfour.co.uk/?p=235


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New goal achieved: 1000 Calories


I was feeling beast-mode this morning and decided to carry on once hit my standard 800 calories on the treadmill and I’m glad i did, I smashed the 1000 calories goal! As usual this was followed by an hour of weight lifting 🙂


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Healthy Pizza – Viking Flatbreads


Inspired by the Baker Brothers on channel 4  I decided to give their Viking Flatbreads and it turned out alright.

I had to adapt and re-write their recipe to match local ingredients and make it idiot proof and admittedly mine didn’t look as nice as the picture on the left but it tasted delicious!


For the base:
5g dried yeast or 10g fresh
260ml warm water
500g wholemeal spelt flour
50ml rapeseed oil, plus more for proving
1 teaspoon sea salt
a small handful of smashed toasted hazelnuts
200g of spinach or sorrel (optional)

For the topping:
2 big red onions, peeled and sliced
a good grating of nutmeg
200g curd cheese or mozzarella cheese

sprinkle of mixed herbs
2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil
1 clove of garlic
good pinch of sea salt


  1. TO MAKE THE BASE…( 8 x flatbreads) put the roasted nuts in a folded over tea towel and bash with a rolling pin.
  2. Add the dried yeast to 260ml of warm water until dissolved.
  3. Add spelt flour
 to mixing bowl with a teaspoon sea salt, add 50ml rapeseed oil then the add water & yeast and mix really well, Tip out onto the table and get kneading until you have a very soft and stretchy dough. This should take about 15 minutes by hand or 12 minutes if done in a mixer. It’s really important not to shirk on the kneading to get an elastic, robust dough that will give you a great ‘pizza-like’ base. Add the smashed hazelnuts and mix again.
  4. Put the dough back into the mixing bowl, cover and leave in a warm place to rest for 1 hour. This’ll help the dough to become even more elastic and it’ll improve the flavour.
  5. Tip the dough onto a clean, flat work surface and divide the dough into 8 equal pieces. Then, using the palms of your hand, mold the each piece of dough into tight round rolls.
 drizzle the balls in rapeseed oil and leave to rest for a few minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, fire your oven up as hot as it’ll go with a baking stone or baking sheet in place. Anything above 230°C/gas mark 8 will work but 350-400°C…a wood-fired oven is best.
  7. TO MAKE THE TOPPING…fry the onions for 15mins in rapeseed oil with a pinch of salt and pepper nice and slowly until soft and sweet. Then add the nettles/sorrel and the nutmeg. Set aside.
  8. TO MAKE THE SAUCE/OIL…in bowl crush the garlic with the mixed herbs and a pinch of salt and pepper and mix with the oil until fine.
  9. TO ASSEMBLE…roll the dough into a small plate sized circle and place into baking tray, then top with the sauce/oil. Spoon on the onions and spinach or sorrel (optional) then dot with the cheese. Bake in the super hot oven for 10-minutes until brown the edges.


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800 calories burned!



To make up for my day off yesterday i decided to push the treadmill for another 10 mins and I resulted in smashing my 600cal record!

30 mins @7kph on max incline 15% burnt 855 cal, I then went onto do my 130kg squats and incline bench press and chest press.

A few people looked a bit shocked  in disbelief at the amount as the do not burn no where near the same but bear in mind that I weigh alot more (133kgs) than most people so naturally i will burn more calories.


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Comparison Pic 174-133kg


I’ve been feeling really fat recently so to cheer myself up I thought i’d make a new comparison pic to show how much weight I’ve lost. Obviously this has perked me up and made me feel awesome! 🙂

Current weight 133kg


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New goal reached; 600cal cardio.

IMG_5461 copy

I finally managed to hit the 600cal mark today on the treadmill!

I do a 15% (max) include for 20 minutes at 7.5kph, this is followed by weights.

Current weight 133kgs

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130kg Squats


I had an unusual level of energy this morning and as I arrived at the gym all the treadmills were taken. So unusually for me I did weights first then went back to cardio, with all this energy I broke my squat record of 130kgs! That’s just 3kg off my own body weight lol.

I started at 12x0kg warm ups, 12x60kg, 10x100kg, 8x130kg. Then arms and chest followed by 20 mins of cardio. Then same set of squats and more arms and chest work.


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Breakfast, a rare thing for me; banana, weetabix and milk.

I had dizzy spells again so had to stop my work out. Not feeling to great so hopefully this will help.

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Rainy days


6am, its chucking it down outside and the alarm clock goes off, on days like this I just wanted to lie in my warm cosy bed…..but I reminded myself how fat I still am so got my arse up and to the gym lol.

I did my usual 500cal treadmill session but my feet were aching like hell after so I kicked my shoes off and i did my weights (chest/biceps/abs) – dont worry my feet dont stink!


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I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost an extra kilogram! Current weight is 133.5kgs. I’ve started doing 20 mins cardio everyday before my weights session and I feel its making a big difference. Speaking of weights session today was amazing, I had the entire free weights area to myself:)

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Kinder Bueno Protein balls by Elkeloves.com

I have been given so many healthy recipes to try from my kind fitness friends but one I have been meaning to try in particular;

My friend Jody-Lee made some yesterday for our road trip and they tasted amazing so I thought id give it a try.

IMG_5203 copy

To my surprise they came out okay, though I had to add more protein powder and oats though as they were too runny to roll.

I sampled a bit of the raw dough and yep, Kinder Bueno haha!


Full recipe can be found here: http://elkeloves.com/2012/11/26/kinder-bueno-white-protein-balls-omg

All ingredients can be found at The Health Store Gibraltar


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Naughty sugar!

Yesterday was another learning curve for me, quite a scary one actually! I spent the day in Spain with Richard and Jody-Lee doing the usual shopping mall-rat thing which ended in us going to a Asian restaurant. At the end of the meal I felt my blood sugars a bit low so instead of having a fruit drink which normally sorts me out I had some naughty sugary sweets. I’ve not had sugarcoated badness in so long that I think I shocked my system, on the drive how I became very dizzy and had really bad stomach cramps, so bad in-fact I had to stop the car! Oh the drama lol!!


I did however manage to snap this sexy pic of me before I left, I think I look pretty damm fine 😛
IMG_5139 copy

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More cardio and arms and back day


Did my usual 6.30 am – 20 mins of cardio on max incline, would love to see 600cals burned though :/ topped it off with 100kg squats again an then arm and back work.

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Leg day…OUCH!

Image copy


Today was leg day..yeah I hurt lol.

20 mins 15% incline 7 klm treadmill

4 x 12 sets on seated leg press @ 100kg

4 x 12 sets on seated leg extension @ 75kg

4 x 12 sets on seated leg press @ 120kg

4 x 12 sets on seated leg extension @ 85kg

20 mins Jacuzzi LOL!


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