New weight 134.5kg and 110kg squats


I weighed myself this morning and im now 134.5kgs w00t! It was a great entering this on the treadmill set up screen and to celebrate I squatted 110kg 🙂


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No to meat yes to fish!


So today we have a corporate event at work and had catering in. They had meats like chicken and chroizo etc and fish so i thought id try some.Good news, I was okay with a few pieces of Rosada (John-dory) and a few Gambas (prawns). the usual full feleign happened but it wasnt painful so fish is still on the menu!

I wasn’t thrilled that they were fried but Im still happy i can eat this as i love spanish fish 🙂


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First Homemade Smoothie

Wasn’t able to eat my dinner tonight as i felt a bit down in the dump so instead i thought id have a liquid dinner and a bit of something sweet. I followed the recipe on the back of the ChocChick Cacao packet.

  • Whole Banana
  • Cocoa powder
  • Honey
  • Peanut butter
  • Long life milk
  • As a little boost i added 2 scoops of Protein powder

Not a fan of the peanut butter or honey though, was a bit too sweet for my palette so will leave it out next time.

Thanks to my sister Joanne for the blender! x

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Baggy Trousers!

IMG_5049 copy

2 months ago these jeans were tight on me, i had a muffin-top going on.

Since my workout change and eatclean diet these drop down when i walk, not bad 🙂


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90kg squats


Leading on from yesterdays energy lesson, today I did my 5 mins warm up on the treadmill then drank my protein shakes straight after. This gave me a real kick and put me into beast mode, I had more energy on the free weights and even went up 20 Kgs (90Kgs) on the squats!.

Here’s to an awesome week!

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Today lesson learnt and new goal achieved!


Today was interesting, I went for my usual 2-3hr Sunday cardio and weight session and after 5 minutes on the treadmill i had to get off. I then went onto weights but just didn’t have the energy but i pushed on. Suddenly i felt very light headed so decided to take a break. I went for a chat with Jody-Lee on reception and she asked me what I had eaten today, I only had a a small bowl of cornflakes and it was already 3pm. If this had been my normal weekday routine I would have had a protein shake at 9am and another at 1pm. So my little buddy suggested I have sometimes sugary and luckily for me i had a protein shake in my bag.

5 Minutes later i was back on track and completed a 1.5 session of weights and 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill on max incline 15%, 6.5kms and +500 Calories burned, my new personal best!

So moral of the story, make sure you are prepared before you workout.



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Suck it in!


suck it in!

I thought it would be fun and motivational to post a “suck tummy in and push chest out” Mirin pic haha!

Off to the gym now for a sunday ses!

Catch u all later.


Current weight 135.4 kgs

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Me, post workout, cardio followed by leg day. I refuse to leave the gym unless my T shirt is dripping in sweat! Current weight 135.5kgs.

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My Diet, The Lifestyle


My Diet

I have been living with the band for a year and a half now but i still make mistakes and “vomit” on a regular basis. It is important to have the right food consistency and chewing is essential. I have to chew eat tiny mouthfuls at least 20 times. For optimum weight loss tiny food portions of normal food is required, but as I am trying to loose weight whilst trying to gain high muscle mass.

I am eating slightly larger portions of the right food, whats the right food you ask? Well for me its very different from the average lap-bander, I eat clean with high levels of protein and fat burners. Normal lap-banders can still eat the foods they love as there is no change to the digestive system, but in tiny portions.

Foods I cannot eat:

  • Bread or any kind of dough based food
  • Cakes, any kind of spongy base is a no no as it turns to mush
  • Beef – Really miss having a steak!
  • Pork – incld bacon, sausage etc
  • Chicken – I can just about manage some soft chicken but i really have to chew it so best avoid it
  • Pasta – The only one i seem to have
  • Lettuce – Sticks to the side of the esophagus and takes days to shift!
  • White rice – I seem to be okay with brown long grain organic
  • Biscuits 🙁 Used to love biscuits!
  • Chips/french fries
  • Crisps/Potato chips
  • Fruits – I should be able to eat oranges, melon and apples but i really struggle.

My Life style

Up at 6am daily I’m in the gym for 6.30am, I start out with a warm up usually on the treadmill then i move onto weights for 1hr. On weekends i can do 2-3 hrs of weights.
On leg day i tend to do a lot more cardio and then leg extensions, leg curls and squats. In my opinion weights are better than cardio to burn fat. Cardio just gets your heart rate up and sweating, as soon as you step off the treadmill and cool down not much else happens. With weights the muscle becomes damaged and the body uses fat as a fuel to repair this muscle, so fat burning can continue for days!


Straight after the work out i will have a protein shake; 2 scoops of Maximuscle ProMax Diet with cold water. If you new to protein shakes start off with cold milk, then move onto a half milk/half water mixture, then eventually just water. Never use room temperature water as its disgusting! I also will have a banana for its potassium values, and it give me a nature sugar boost.

Another protein shake, 2 scoops of Maximuscle ProMax Diet with cold water

Mostly veg, I am seriously considering become vegetarian and the thought of chicken is starting to disgust me. My veggies are grilled or cooked in a wok with with natural coconut butter. I will have this with brown rice or thin egg noodles.
I have been known to skip dinner altogether which i shouldn’t, but i can always have a protein ball or a low fat yogurt if my energy levels are low.

*Home made protein balls or healthy from friend haha thanks x
*Trail, dried fruits and nuts
*fruit smoothie with protein powder.

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The Lapband and the operation


How the band works.
The band is placed above the stomach to create a tiny pouch in the esophagus, as you eat, food is stored in this new pouch but not digested. The esophagus consists of a muscular tube through which food passes from your cake-hole to the stomach to be digested.
The lap band acts as a restriction to that passage of food, making you feel full instantly but allowing some food to pass as not to starve.

Eventually the food travels to your stomach for digestion by using the muscles in the esophagus tube to slowly push the food down (think snake eating a mouse effect). In the area of the pouch has nerve ending with when activated tell the brain you are full. If you continue to eat or not chew well enough you will basically “overflow” and if any of you have been out with a meal with me will have noticed me running to the bathroom to be sick. The sick is not an acidic vomit though, you are basically regurgitating undigested food (disgusting I know!).


The band is adjusted to meet the correct food “flow” or green-zone. Too little and you will starve to death, too loose and and you won’t loose any weight. You have to have the band adjusted to whats knows as a green-zone, to do this they inject a solution into the access port under the skin to close up the band. Then you have to drink water whilst they slowly remove the solution and suddenly you feel the water go down your throat as if they just opened a tap..weirdest feeling ever lol!


 Continue reading about my journey by clicking the link below

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So this is me, July 15th 2011, my all time low.

0001 July 15 2011 copy

 174kgs (27.4 stone /383.6lbs).

(Originally posted 2013)

Aged 31 and weighing 179 kgs I had been single for 6 years with no self confidence or social life. I comfort ate just to get get some pleasure, my weakness was biscuits, crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks, topped with sugar and salt on everything. I work in a demanding job where I am on my feet all day, this played havoc on my knees and lower back. Constant pain at the end of the day i’d just come home, eat then go to bed. I constantly suffered from migraines, stomach cramp, extremely high blood pressure, which resulted in regular random nose bleeds.

With absolutely no exercise the weight crept on rapidly and on this day i decide to take drastic action; Bariatric surgery.

On the 17th of August 2011 (weighing 174 kgs) I went under the surgeons blade and has a gastric lap band fitted. Through this blog i will share my struggles and goals, It has been over a year since my operation but I have finally plucked up the courage to share my story..but its far from over, so welcome to my mission, a weightloss mission that is!

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